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Welcome to the New ZJX ARTCC SOP Wiki Pages

Recently added/updated documents

1/24/2023 Alpha Release

General Standard Operating Procedure

SOP Last Updated
ZJX ARTCC Code of Conduct 1 April 2022
ZJX Administrative Process for Situation Awareness 1 October 2022
ZJX Facility Admin Policy 1 October 2022
ZJX General Control Policy 1 April 2022
ZJX Training Policy and Guidelines 26 October 2022

Enroute Standard Operating Procedures

SOP Last Updated
ZJX 1 February 2023

Major Facility Standard Operating Procedure

SOP Last Updated
Orlando International Airport Not Uploaded
F11 Tracon Not Uploaded

Minor Facility Standard Operating Procedures

SOP Last Updated
Columbia Metro Airport 18 January 2022
Charleston Air Force Base 29 March 2022
Daytona Beach International Airport 26 November 2022
Eglin Air Force Base/Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport 18 January 2022
Jacksonville International Airport 11 August 2022
Myrtle Beach International Airport 1 November 2022
Pensacola International Airport Not Uploaded
Sanford/Orlando International Airport 11 July 2022
Savannah International Airport 18 November 2022
Tallahassee International Airport 18 January 2022

Letters of Agreement

SOP Last Updated
Atlanta ARTCC 19 May 2022
Houston ARTCC 15 July 2020
Miami ARTCC 5 August 2022
New York Oceanic Not Uploaded
Washington ARTCC 8 August 2022